More About Renaissance Farms

Welcome to Renaissance Farms…

Where we produce some of the best alpacas and alpaca fiber products available! Our breeding program is producing amazingly low micron in all colors. For example – 14.3 micron in gray, 15.9 micron in black! And we produce genetic lines whose low micron is long-held! We have 4 to 11 year olds with royal & baby grade fiber! Additionally, careful genetic selection in our breedings results in the animals we offer possessing pre-potency from both their sires and dams. 

We perform micron testing each year on every animal on our farm – all colors & all ages. We do this to ensure that we are fulfilling our breeding goals of producing ever lower scores for Micron, Standard Deviation, and Comfort Factor in our latest generations, as well as using the scores of our older animals to determine how long those low scores maintain themselves. This dedicated effort has resulted in EPD rankings that put us among the top farms in the country.

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