Renaissance Farms Belief In Alpaca Fiber Products

As strong believers in alpaca fiber product…

We encourage you to visit our farm store, where you can purchase natural color or dyed yarns and carded fiber, as well as other products made from the exquisite fiber that our herd provides. We offer fashionable, warm and unbelievably comfortable apparel, such as hats, scarves and gloves! 

While shopping in our online store, don’t forget to check out Louise’s luxuriously creamy bars of handmade goat’s milk soap!  Also available in felted bars – with the world’s softest washcloth built right into the bar!

Make sure that you also look into the wide array of Bill & Louise’s handmade eco-printed silks and other fabrics! This technique is one that is rarely seen, and produces amazing and beautiful results using the foliage and other tree and plant parts from our farm.

Need some of your yarn or fiber dyed? Give Louise a call to discuss her custom dyeing service!

Go directly to our Online Store!

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